Happy Birthday, Israel

As I build this website I am going to try to bring over some oldies but goodies from my previous blogg– In honor of Israel’s big day today, I present you this piece from 7 years ago. (Henry was the name of my blog!)


Dear Henry,
      I am admittedly an emotional fellow- heck, I dare say I might even be more emotional than my precious, adorable, absolutely delicious two year old daughter is after I say no to her when she asks me for her fourth cookie. I am more emotional even, than a panda bear is when he leaves his Panda cub family to disembark on a great journey to the Wild West. Years ago,  I have been known to cry during my favorite episodes of One Tree Hill. More recently, I recall sitting in Batteries Plus, bawling while reading Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis’s “A Committed Life.”
         Most recently, however, I felt the emotions while sitting on an airplane, approaching the Spiritual Center of the Universe. As I watched the video screen ahead of me, showing the tiny, kind of cute little airplane inching its way to the Land of Israel, I felt very real goosebumps develop on my skin- goosebumps larger than the highest moguls on your typical east coast “ski resort.” I hadn’t experienced goosebumps such as these since Tim Tebow’s glorious strike to Demaryius Thomas in last years AFC Wild Card Showdown.
       And then, on this airplane, unannounced, even though I have been to Israel many times, as I stared at this little tv screen in front of me, I felt tears filling my eyes. Real, salty, wet tears. Tears every bit as real as Ray Lewis’s tears will be after he plays his final NFL game in Denver this weekend.  And I realized how awesome, and special it is, to have the opportunity to be in the land of Israel. What would my great grandparents- murdered in the Polish deathcamps have done to have this opportunity? What would Moshe Rabainu- the greatest leader in Jewish History– have done to tread foot in the Holy Land? The Torah tells us, he prayed to G-d 515 times for that exact opportunity.
      As we approached the runway, I thought how awesome it is to live in the times we find ourselves in, and I found myself longing for the day when I will be returning forever– not only with my immediate family, but with the entire Jewish people, to celebrate the final rebuilding of our Holy Temple– may it be rebuilt speedily and soon.

Forever Yours,
Danny Wolfe


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