JLIG- Just Let it Go Part 1

Photo by Oleg Magni on Pexels.com

Earlier today, I hopped into Suri the Sienna to take her for a spin to the King Soopers pick up spot, where the kind man was meant to load our groceries into our trunk. I was then meant to drive Suri to our our home, unload the trunk of groceries, and carry on with my merry day.

But as I opened up the trunk to take out the groceries, I was surprised but what I saw: 5 bags filled with 2 liters sodas. I thought to myself, ” Wow Dan-o, (yes, I call myself Dan-o) this is strange. Usually The Better Half only permits us to have this size of soda during Passover as a special treat, but not on an average day. Weird. I wonder if she has something tricky up her sleeve? Maybe she is planning me an epic Fathers Day Party? So I went to ask her, and she explained that in fact, it was the wrong order, and, much to my chagrin, she did not, in fact, order 13 bottles of soda.

Shrugging my shoulders, I went back to the store, not thinking much of it. When I was in the spot once again, and the nice man finished putting in the correct groceries in my trunk, he seemed relieved, and expressed gratitude for coming back and my understanding. Based on his reaction it occurred to me for the first time, that due to their gaffe, he anticipated me responding in a different manner. He probably figured that inasmuch I had to make an extra trip to the store, spend another half hour dealing with the groceries, etc… I was liable to be angry about this experience.

What he did not realize, however, is that I live by an acronym coined by none other than Yours Truly a few years ago: JLIG–just let it go. These four magical letters have impacted my life, decreased much aggravation, and brought me high levels of contentment. If someone purposely offends me or tries to anger me, I try my best to JLIG, or, if you prefer, get jliggy wit it.

If someone does something by mistake that inconveniences me, like today, I JLIG. It’s not like they tried to deliberately disrupt my life. It is not like I have never made a mistake to inconvenience someone else. As a matter of fact, I made a pretty egregious mistake toward someone as recent as just yesterday. Just as I hope they will give me the benefit of the doubt, and JLIG, I require of myself to do the same.

When there is a wedding or bar mitzvah that I did not receive the invitation to, I JLIG. It’s not worth losing a friend over the lack of invitation. My presence probably would cost them $100, and no one has an unlimited supply of money.

If I give someone a gift for their wedding, and I do not receive a thank you card, I get jliggy wit it. Who cares? I did not give the gift for the sake of receiving a piece of small paper in the mail with a few lines on it telling me how great I am, that 99 percent of the time is a generic few lines– nothing meaningful that enhances my life in any way, shape, or form. Life is hectic and things can slip through the cracks. I get it.

So next time someone angers, annoys or inconveniences you, whether intentionally, or not– just remember, it’s not worth it. Trust me. You can thank me later.

You gotta get JLIGGY wit it.


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