Sirens in the Night

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Tonight, in the middle of America, my wife, my precious children and I are going to have a good, peaceful night sleep. Eight thousand miles away, my sister and her family, spent their night running for their lives to a bomb shelter several times throughout the night. Startled, they are given 90 seconds to gather their children, and run for their lives. Why? Because spineless coward terrorists are indiscriminately launching rockets into populated civilian centers in Israel, striking fear into the citizen’s hearts, and traumatizing a generation of children, whose only crime is being Jewish.

About five years ago in the middle of the night, our burger alarm went off. It seems like someone was trying to break into our house through he back door, and when he heard the alarm, he bolted. Now, five years later, one of my children is terrified of being alone at night, as a result of that traumatizing night. Now, not one child, but millions of them are experiencing a terrifying trauma that will likely impact them for years to come.

One can only imagine how every other country on the planet would react if a group of cowards launched missiles at their city centers, intending to inflict as much damage and death upon its citizens as possible. If Canada started launching rockets at upstate New York, or if Mexico sent rockets at San Diego, one can imagine our justified response.

And yet, unconscionably, when Israel is attacked like this, and it responds, it is accused of genocide.

When will the world wake up? When will this insanity stop?

I wish I had answers. But, I got nothing.

May G-d protect the people of Israel, and may we know no more sorrow or pain.


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